For nearly 40 years, Thrifty Building Supply has been the Mid-South’s preferred building supplier. Thrifty was established by Farrell Evans in 1984 to meet the demand for building products for simple structures like sheds and barns. We have grown and changed since our inception from a small building supply company to the premier building supply provider of the Mid-South; but one thing that will never change about the company is our ability to put our customers’ needs first.

We have provided countless contractors the building materials they need to meet their deadlines. Our commitment to our clients has gone beyond supplying materials. We partner with them to ensure their projects run smoothly. No other supplier goes to the lengths we do through every phase of the construction process. Contractors know we have gone and will continue to go the distance for them, so they hit their project goals on time and within budget. That’s the kind of service we provide, and it’s why we’ve gained their trust.

As we continue to provide quality supplies and unmatched service, we’ve found our current name does not completely align with our commitment and standing in the industry. So, we embarked in a rebranding exploration. It’s an undertaking that was harder than it seemed, both in a practical and emotional sense. After all, the name Thrifty has been with us from the beginning, and it has name recognition. But for us to grow and be true to who we are as a company and how we want to be perceived, we believe it was time for a change. A change that will project our brand going forward, embodying the strength and loyalty we’ve exhibited for nearly 4 decades.

Going forward, we will be known as Maximus Building Supply.

Why Maximus?
Maximus is the Latin word for “greatest”. The name Maximus was first given to the owner’s dog, a Cane Corso, who then became the inspiration for Maximus Building Supply. Maximus fits our company well because we believe we have the greatest team assembled — a team who provides the greatest service to our clients. And we’re not just talking about our sales team or our executive team, we mean everyone — our drivers, yard guys, warehouse workers, administrators, and coordinators. Our team is the greatest because we all have one thing in mind, servicing our clients’ every need.

Maximus is a name that exhibits strength, loyalty, intelligence, and hard work. These attributes also describe the character of everyone in the company. We will not rest until every client is happy with the products and service we provide. Because we are a company that is small enough to provide the customer service our clients deserve and appreciate, while being big enough to handle every kind of project they have. Maximus is synonymous with our abilities, character, and culture.

The hallmark of the Maximus Building Supply logo is, not surprisingly, a Cane Corso. The Cane Corso is a hard-working, powerful, and intelligent breed that exhibits strength and loyalty. Like the name Maximus, the Cane Corso is there to serve because it loves having a job to do. All these qualities also fit the character and culture of our company: there is almost nothing we won’t do to see our clients succeed. Just as dogs are our companion through life, we hope to be a partner for all our clients during the lifecycle of their project.

Building Relationships. Delivering Value will continue to be our tagline because the meaning still holds true to what we strive for every day. While we may have a new name and a new logo to better represent the company moving forward, the foundations of building relationships and delivering value to our clients will always remain.


Farrell Evans started Thrifty Building Supply in 1984 in Collierville, Tennessee after spending the first part of his career working for a building products distributor. At that time, Farrell sold discount, shop-grade materials for sheds and similar structures. However as the market change, we expanded our product offerings and some of the biggest home builders in west Tennessee and north Mississippi have trusted us to help them deliver on their commitments to their clients.

While our business focus has changed from a small, discount (thrifty) building supply company in Collierville, to being the premier provider of building supplies in the Mid-South, one thing will never change — our ability to put our customer’s needs first.

Farrell’s son, Mark spent most of his adult life around the building supply business. They worked together until Mark moved to Tacoma, Washington where he joined Agape Force Ministries and traveled with one of their drama teams. After leaving the drama team, Mark sold cabinets. In 1989, his father called and asked him to come home and help with the business. Mark returned to Collierville.

Mark had a “hands-on” work ethic, having worked in every position at the company — from the warehouse, to delivery, sales, and now running the business. Each job along the way has allowed Mark to better understand the business and what each employee needs to succeed. His commitment didn’t stop at his employees and customers. It also included God. Mark believes in honoring God in how you do business. Because this business isn’t simply here to make money, but rather, to support Kingdom work, give employees a good place to work and support clients.

Mark has been married to his wife, Terry, for 30 years and has one son, Samuel. Mark and Terry are members of Cornerstone Church in Bartlett. Mark retired in December 2021 and sold his part of the business to Richard Cooper who is now majority owner and President of the company which rebranded to Maximus Building Supply in 2022.