When you choose Maximus Building Supply, you’ll get a team that has over 1,000 combined years of service in the industry. What our time and industry knowledge has taught us (though we knew it from the beginning), is that we’ll do what it takes to ensure our customers get exactly what they need when they need it.

The team is led by Richard Cooper. Mark Evans retired in December 2021.


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Richard is a lifelong Memphian. To say he is hard-working is an understatement. Early on in his career, Richard worked in the automotive industry, becoming the youngest manager in the nation for Firestone. In 1997, looking for a change, he got into the building business. His experience building homes taught him the importance of timely supply delivery management that would serve him well in the future.

At Thrifty Building Supply, Richard’s attention to detail and creative problem solving has allowed the company to deliver custom solutions for clients. Richard developed our proprietary take-off system to ensure builders get the supplies they need at the exact time they need them to stay on time and budget.

In 2015, Richard bought into the company and became a partner. That same year, Thrifty opened the Door Shop, which had been a vision of Mark and his father. These days, in addition to managing the Door Shop, Richard oversees the sales team and works closely with Mark to help grow the business. He believes “when you provide excellent service, the sales will follow”.

Richard has been married to his wife, Amee, since 1990 and they have two sons, Austin (a Captain in the Marine Corps) and Hunter (Logistics Manager at Maximus Building Supply). Austin and Hunter both graduated from Evangelical Christian School (ECS). Richard and Amee are active members of Crossroads Baptist Church.



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Mark has spent most of his adult life around the building supply business. When younger, Mark’s father, Farrell, opened Thrifty Building Supply. They worked together until Mark moved to Tacoma, Washington where he joined Agape Force Ministries and traveled with one of their drama teams. After leaving the drama team, Mark sold cabinets. In 1989, his father called and asked him to come home and help with the business. Mark returned to Collierville. He’s been here ever since.

Mark has a “hands-on” work ethic, having worked in every position at the company — from the warehouse, to delivery, sales, and now running the business. Each job along the way has allowed Mark to better understand the business and what each employee needs to succeed. His commitment doesn’t stop at his employees and customers. It also includes God. Mark believes in honoring God in how you do business. Because this business isn’t simply here to make money, but rather, to support Kingdom work, give employees a good place to work and support clients.

Mark has been married to his wife, Terry, for 30 years and has one son, Samuel. Mark and Terry are members of Cornerstone Church in Bartlett.