How we approach every project is what sets Maximus apart from our competitors. The Maximus Difference begins with our team’s ability to always be present and available to answer any and all questions. No detail is too small when it comes to delivering the highest quality materials and service.

We estimate each project with our customized software, Precision Pro, to ensure every builder receives the exact quantity of materials when they need them. We deliver these materials in a 5-phased approach, so your materials arrive on-time at the beginning of each phase of your build schedule.

And, as always, the support you and homeowners receive is second to none. We’re with you every step of the way — whether in our offices or on your worksite — we’re available to offer advice, troubleshoot any issues and guide homeowners while choosing the finer touches that’ll help make their home everything they want it to be.


At Maximus Building Supply, our state-of-the-art Estimating Department developed a sophisticated take-off system. Using our customized software, Precision Pro, we accurately estimate the amount of material you need to complete your project.

Provide us your plans and we’ll make sure you have exactly what you need when you need it.

Our budget-friendly take-off process will have you saying goodbye to material shortages and overages that would otherwise cost you money and eat into your profits.


Our staged delivery system allows builders to receive the exact amount of materials they need through every phase of the build.

In addition, the Maximus team will be there throughout the process to know exactly when you need the next phase of building supplies. 

Our 5-Phase Delivery System

Phase 1: Wall package – studs, headers, beams, joists
Phase 2: Subfloors and second floor walls – studs, headers, beams, joists
Phase 3: Rafters – roofing materials
Phase 4: Sheathing and Roof Decking – OSB and house wrap
Phase 5: Cornice and Siding – Harding Plank or MiraTEC

By delivering lumber, supplies and materials in this order and fashion, we help every builder save time and money, so they can concentrate on building the best homes possible for their clients.

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