Meet Maximus

Hi, I’m Maximus – they call me MAX and I’m the official mascot for Maximus Building Supply. I was born in Ohio on April 14, 2022. I weighed 13 pounds.

I got to go to my new home in June 2022. Ms. Peggy is my new mom, and she takes really good care of me. I get to go to work with her every day! I have so much fun.

Did you know how I got my name?

Maximus is a name that exhibits strength, loyalty, intelligence, and hard work. I’m a Cane Corso and my breed is known for a hard-working, powerful, and intelligent breed that exhibits strength and loyalty. I’m here to serve because I love having a job to do.

I’m getting bigger and stronger every day. I may grow up to be 3 feet tall and could weigh up to 120 pounds!

I’m up early every day and ready to go to work. As soon as my mom lets me out of the car, I head straight to the door for someone to let me in. I make my daily rounds every morning to greet the team members – a few of the “good” ones will have a treat for me!

My favorite thing to do is play ball and pull on a rope. My favorite toy is any kind of squeaky toy – the more noise it makes, the more I like it. I also LOVE boxes.

I love seeing people and just want you to play with me. I’m here to greet our customers every day. I’m usually laying at the front door waiting for someone to come see me.

There is nothing I like more than a belly rub! I also like to go outside and chase birds and leaves.

If you come around a holiday, you may see me dressed up in a cool costume.


My mom says I’m a very loyal, sweet, faithful, and compassionate dog. I love my mom and my work family!

Come by and visit me and let’s play!