We are blessed to have such an amazing administration team to help support our customers and our sales team.

If you have any questions regarding your credit or invoices, please give us a call and we will help you.

Team Members

Headshot - Viki Bartels

Viki Bartels
Director of Career Advancement
Cell: (901) 759-8749

Headshot - Amee Cooper

Amee Cooper
Director of Events
Cell: (901) 461-9901

Headshot - Lauren Gaines

Lauren Gaines
Office: (901) 625-5410

Headshot - Peggy Gearin

Peggy Gearin
Accounts Payable
Office: (901) 316-1387

Headshot - Gage Parten

Gage Parten
Commodity Purchaser
Office: (901) 625-5412

Headshot - Kim Rankhorn

Kim Rankhorn
Credit Manager
Office: (901) 316-2900

Headshot - Megan Suico

Megan Suico